Terrestrial.xml missing USA ATSC Frequencies?????

Installing and setting up ARGUS TV
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Terrestrial.xml missing USA ATSC Frequencies?????

Post by Gertieissolost » Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:50 pm

Hello to all and thank you in advance for help in my pursuit to get a working 3 computer 1 server media service
running in my home on windows 10 before July 29th.

The computer: HP Pavillion g4
Windows 10 home edition 64 bit
Intel Pentium CPU B960@2.2GHz, 2200MHz 2 core
All drivers and software up to date
Tuner: 1 month old HDHomerun Extend
HDHomerun software BDA Compatibility mode set to Default and channel scan completed
Tuner is properly serving 2 other computers with win 7 WMC no issues
TV Source: Terrestrial HD Antenna in Northern California

I am attempting to build a Kodi setup with ARGUS TV PVR client. Installed MS SQL server 2014 express
as instructed. All software installed as laid out in provided manual as well as following a good tutorial on
Youtube. Have been able to locate tuners, set up guide data via SchedulesDirect via provided guide importer
(God Bless you weary programmers who took pity on us non-code writers to simplify that process). I have
achieved success integrating with Kodi.
Everything is great EXCEPT I can get no channels in a channel scan to save my life. I have been trying
for 2 days. I have scoured the internet. I have adjusted my firewall and my antivirus. I have tried scanning
with firewall and antivirus turned off. I have tried it wireless. I have tried it wired. I feel like I''m in
that old poem "She tried it on the sofa and she tried it on the chair, she tried it on the windowsill and
couldn't get it there...."
Finally last night I stumbled upon a portion of the wiki that discussed the .xml data for scanning
frequencies. This gave locations for reviewing the data in these files. The terrestrial.xml lists for
locations/frequencies Australia DVB_T, New Zealand DVB-T, Europe, Middle East, Africa DVB-C, Europe, Middle East, Africa DVB-T and Iceland DVB-T. When I look at the ATSC.xml it lists frequencies for QAM(HRC),QAM(IRC) and QAM(STD). No info for ATSC frequencies are in my files.
Am I supposed to have info for the United States? I was under the impression that this product was
supported in the USA. Is this supposed to be working because we share frequencies with some other country and I have to tell it I'm in Madagascar? The guy who did the tutorial I've been watching is in Georgia USA and his channels are popping up like skittles. Mine just stares back dumbly. If it could drool it would. I know this
computer isn't a bright boy, but it usually gets by as long as I only ask for one thing at a time.
If anyone could toss a gal a bone here, I would really appreciate it.

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