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Re: Channel logos

Post by Vasilich » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:17 am

liamnewman wrote:Sorry for the necrobump
as the developer still hasn't answered there question, i am glad that anyone tries to do it. So - thanks for reply.
liamnewman wrote:2. Argus stores channel logos on the server and sends them to clients on connect.
Last part of question: what is the best way to upload those? i don't see anything about it in API.
liamnewman wrote:3. Depends. If a channel is generated from an xmltv file, you can't change it. If you create a channel from a service and bind the epg to that, the channel will take the name of the service. You can name services anything.
the question was meant not to "how to rename", but "if it is possible to rename channel, then how to get the original (broadcaster's) name for it?"


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