Episodes Once / Prefer "Late-Night Episode"

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Episodes Once / Prefer "Late-Night Episode"

Post by wernerk » Sun May 10, 2015 10:37 am

In German / Austrian TV, sometimes Cut-Versions of an episode are shown on prime-time, and Uncut-Versions of the same episode (FSK-16, FSK-18) are shown "late-night" only (e.g. after 22:00).
Would be nice, if you could specify a time-interval for the "Episode Once" setting that allows to prefer recording of episodes within that time interval.

With Episode Once + Prefer Late-Night Episode ("22:00 - 03:00") (interval should possibly cover midnight)
- shows between 22:00 to 03:00 (are preferred to shows outside the interval (e.g. starting at 20:15).
- But if a episode is shown only outside the specified "late-night" interval, and never within the "late-night interval, it is still recorded automatically and only once.

br Werner

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Re: Episodes Once / Prefer "Late-Night Episode"

Post by sgibbers17 » Sun May 10, 2015 9:20 pm

The easiest way is can't think of is to create 2 schedules one for late night and one for all other times. The problem is that you will have to delete the episode you don't want. Do you know if you EPG has a way to determine if a show is uncut, possible in the description?

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Re: Episodes Once / Prefer "Late-Night Episode"

Post by wernerk » Wed May 13, 2015 8:18 pm


no, they are having the exact same description, etc...
if you start deleting duplicate shows then only one schedule without "episode once" will do the job as well.

it's just an idea. maybe it's worth thinking about :)

update after some more tries:

what i tried is 2 schedules:
1) start around 23:00 / episode once / prio: very high
2) with episode once / prio: high

idea was that 2) will record episodes that are not on air around 23:00 and 1) will override 2) in case an around 23:00 episode is to be recorded.
i guess the problem with that is, that two schedules never "know" that they are actually recording the same show, even if "Program-Settings" are identical...

that brings to me the idea of another suggestion... :)
=> enable "multiple time-schedules" within the same program-schedule.

in the meantime i will stick with one schedule that i update when i know that there are "late-night" shows to be expected.

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