Some ideas that I might try to work on.

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Some ideas that I might try to work on.

Post by elsmandino » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:12 pm


I don't have much of a programming background myself but my brother does and I was wondering whether he might be able to work on a few additions:

1. Ability to do proper Series Link

I know that Argus TV is very flexible in the way that it records, but is there any way that CRID could be somehow used?

It would be great to be able to do a single click on a single program, on the EPG, and have it record every episode automatically (regardless of name changes.

2. The ability to create folders, based upon the recording criteria

If the name of a show changes with each episode of a single series (e.g. "Travel Man: Rome", "Travel Man: Paris"), being able to have them save under a single folder called "Travel Man".

3. Have the Schedule move automatically into the next page

It is sometimes confusing to get to 3 o'clock on a day, to have to scroll back to and then change to the following day to continue scheduling. It would be good to have the schedule keep on scrolling throughout the days.

4. An automatic process for keeping channels up-to-date

A series a steps to make sure that changes/additions/deletions are update in Argus.

Any pointers on the above would be appreciated - it would be also useful to know whether there are already fixes of any of the above.


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