Client Plugin Keeps Disabling

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Client Plugin Keeps Disabling

Post by a.puty » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:16 pm


I'm using Frodo 12.3 with Argus Client. ArgusTV is running on a separate server. Periodically (feels like once a day) I will return to XBMC and its will tell me that "No PVR Clients are Enabled". I then go and manually enable the Argus PVR Client and everything works fine until the next day. I remember having this issue a while back with XBMC/Argus. I then moved to XBMC Gotham but recently moved back to Frodo for other reasons. I'm surprised to find the issue still there. HELP!

One more quick one. I find that I get a fair bit of stutter/artifact/choppy/skipping on live playback. Is there anything to tweak to mitigate this?


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