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Raspbmc LiveTV issues when timeshifting active recording

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:36 am
by atreyu
Hi all,

I'm having issues with my Win8.1/64 + Raspbmc setup -- both systems are running 13.2 -- my Win8.1 box is on an 8/17 build (RC1, I believe), while my Raspberry Pi is on an 8/19 build. The two XBMC installs share a MySQL database on the Windows machine... the recordings are also stored exclusively on the Windows machine. FWIW, I had the same issues before rebuilding both machines, previously they were Win7/64 + Raspbmc, with older builds of 13.0/13.1/13.2.

My issues come when I timeshift a show that is still actively recording. On my Win8.1 box it mostly works... the only issue is that if I get to close to realtime I start seeing pixelization and sometimes the recording aborts. Replaying the recording and going to the same place in the recording shows no pixelization. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows the total time constantly increasing, while the progress bar appearing during FF displays the point that was originally live when I started playback, but when I reach that point and keep FF'ing the end time starts increasing until I reach the *current* live point.

On my Raspberry Pi (Model B, not B+), it's a different story. Playback of previously-recorded LiveTV shows is smooth (although FF/RW is very jerky & pixelated compared to the Windows client). When I timeshift a show that's still recording, however, I start off with (as expected) a progress bar that ends at the place the live recording has reached... but it never advances. I can jerkily fast forward through commercials only until I reach the point that WAS live when I started playback, then additional attempts to FF or skip forward will keep dumping me back at the same place, a little before that original live point.

Playing back without skipping commercials seems to mostly work, provided I'm not too close to the current live recording point, but if I want to keep skipping commercials I have to stop my playback and restart -- which usually causes the recording to start all over again at the beginning, without the expected "Start from beginning / resume from X:XX" dialog popping up like it does when I press stop during playback of a completed recording and then resume playback.

Needless to say, it's a major pain in the WAF to have to keep skipping through the entire show every time we catch up to the previous live point.

BTW, if I actually tune to the channel the recording's being made on and then pause, I can see I've claimed a 2nd tuner on the same channel, and I get a progress bar that displays the full length of the current program, even though only part of it is available for viewing. This behavior seems preferable for dealing with playback of active recordings as well -- aside from the fact that it seems silly to claim a 2nd tuner for the same program, vs. playing back the active recording.

My system is beefy enough to support both tuners running at once, however it's impractical to ask my wife to make sure she tunes into her show when it starts and then pauses, as the main show that's an issue currently starts playing around the time the kids' bedtime is winding down.

Does anyone else have this issue... and (here's hoping) possibly have a solution for me?

- Benji ("atreyu"), longtime FTR/Argus user, previously on Mediaportal