On Windows - Is ARGUS Better than NextPVR?

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On Windows - Is ARGUS Better than NextPVR?

Post by jp2code » Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:37 am

Ever since Microsoft stopped supporting Media Center (cut out the Guide data), we switched to NextPVR.

As long as the weather is good and the signal is tip-top, all is fine. If NextPVR has issues with the signal, the whole interface becomes non-responsive.

When I mentioned this on their forum, it sounds like it is working as intended:
If I were to use the tuner built into my television and a signal sucked, I push the channel change button and go to the next one.

I have noticed in NextPVR that when I select a channel that has poor signal quality, the entire program seems to hang until either a timeout is exceeded or enough signal gets through to let the interface respond.

This seems to be a bigger issue when using the NextPVR plugin with Kodi, but it also happens when I use NextPVR directly. The program acts similar to a web browser trying to connect to a website.

Is there a fix for this? It could just be some setting that I have not enabled.
the decoder/render chain expects good data, and tends to hang up when it gets bad data. not much can be done about it.
Kodi is doing it's stuff too. It just tries longer to buffer a bad signal expecting that things improve.

I really do not like that.

Does ARGUS act the same way?

How difficult is it to setup on a Windows 7 PC? Has anyone posted a basic "How To" tutorial?

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Re: On Windows - Is ARGUS Better than NextPVR?

Post by ams123 » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:11 pm

Yes as far as Kodi goes it is a problem. I have found Kodi will freeze up if the signal quality is low enough. I can go and watch the same Argus TV recording with VLC and it will play through the bad signal fine, looks bad but does not freeze. I worked on my antenna placement to eliminate the issues for channels I care about and deleted those that don't work well and I don't want to watch anyway.

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