Channel Group popup on Live TV

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Channel Group popup on Live TV

Post by andyjohn3 » Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:26 pm

Afternoon all - It's my first post on these forums, and I'm hoping someone knows of a way of solving this annoying little problem I'm experiencing.

I am currently running Argus TV 2.3 on my server, feeding individual clients over my house - a Windows 10 PC and a handful of Android tv boxes (Firestick, Nvideo Shield and Fire TV). All running Kodi 16.0 and using the Argus TV Addon (version 1.11.9)

Everything works perfectly on the whole, except the Android boxes all show an annoying 'Channel Group' pop up on the screen when viewing live TV. It never disappears, although isn't on any recordings I make - see pic (screen grab of live tv - the stream wasn't caught for some reason)

I've tried the usual things such as:
* A play around with the settings through Kodi on the client
* A play around with the settings on the server
* Disabling the Argus TV PVR addon and reverting all settings back to default then reinstalling

And nothing works. If I could get rid of this pop up, then I would be able to finally ditch my You View box and work off Argus TV, meaning one less thing plugged in!

Any advice greatly appreciated

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