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ARGUS TV uses an extremely flexible modular Client/Server structure, this makes it suitable for everything from a single machine setup to a large multi room installation.

To achieve this flexibility ARGUS TV uses three main parts.

  • The Recorder/tuner, manages TV Tuner cards. It tunes channels and records shows as required by the Scheduler. You can have several Recorder/tuners depending on your needs.
  • The Client, is what you the user, interact with on a daily basis. It connects to the Scheduler and allows you to watch live shows, watch recordings, and schedule new recordings. You can have several Clients based on your needs.
  • The Scheduler is the main hub (or core) of the installation All recorder/Tuners are controlled by it and all clients connect to it.

In a single-seat setup, all of these parts are installed on the same machine. This suitable where

For a multi-seat setup, these parts are installed on different machines. A typical multi-seat setup consists of:

  • A server PC, which contains the TV Tuner cards. It has the Scheduler and recorder/tuner(s) installed. This machine may also be a client machine, and be located in the living area, or, it may have no client and be somewhere remote, like a cupboard or basement. The server wakes up as needed to record scheduled recordings, and to serve content to the client machines.
  • One or more client machines. These are located in the various TV watching locations, such as living areas and bedrooms

Install Types

ICN INFO.PNG Information
These options preselect various components of ARGUS TV to install, however they are completely flexable and you may include and/or exclude components as required in the next installation step.


Also called a single seat setup. This option is best if you have only one machine, or, this is your main machine, and other clients will connect to it. This option installs both Server and client components.

Standalone Server

This is a server only. These machines are often located in a remote location like a cupboard or basement. They typically contain some or all of your TV Tuner cards.


Front end only. A Client machine needs to connect to a Server to access live TV and Recordings.


This option is a blank slate, pick and choose modules as needed. Useful if you only want to install the ARGUS TV Scheduler Console and ARGUS TV Notifier for example.


Here we will look at the various modules available to install, and what they do.



This module is the core of ARGUS TV, it and acts as the hub for all Clients and Recorders. You should usually only have this installed on one machine.

Web Access

This module provides access to ARGUS TV Scheduler via a web page. With the correct network configuration, you could access your system from nearly anywhere in the world. See ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG Web Access for more information.


This module provides access to ARGUS TV Scheduler via a MSN chat client. It allows you to "talk" to ARGUS TV and perform several functions including creating and deleting schedules. See ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG ARGUS TV Messenger for more information.



Named ARGUS TV Recorder, this is the Recorder included with (and developed by) ARGUS TV. It is capable of controlling most common TV Tuner cards, and even many of the more obscure ones. See ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG Supported DVB/ATSC cards for more information.

ICN INFO.PNG Information
ARGUS TV Recorder is not capable of tuning analog signals.
MediaPortal TV Server

ARGUS TV can also control MediaPortal TV Server. This is useful if you need to use an Analog card, or your card isn't currently supported by ARGUS TV Recorder.

GUI Clients:

Scheduler Console

The ARGUS TV Scheduler Console allows you to configure and control the ARGUS TV Scheduler. With it you can:

  • View the Electronic Program Guide.
  • Create, edit and delete schedules.
  • Connect to new Recorders or remove old ones.
  • Manage recorded shows.

and much much more. See ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG ARGUS TV Scheduler Console for more information.

Recorder Console

The ARGUS TV Recorder Console allows you to configure and control the ARGUS TV Recorder. It allows you to setup and adjust the ARGUS TV Recorder. With it you can:

  • Manage cards.
  • Scan for services and map them to channels.
  • Set the Recording and Timeshift locations.

and much much more. See ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG ARGUS TV Recorder Console for more information.

MediaPortal Plugin

Including this, installs a plugin in MediaPortal, allowing it to connect to ARGUS TV.


The ARGUS TV Notifier is a tray application that allows you to easily monitor ARGUS TV. See ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG ARGUS TV Notifier for more information.


Although ARGUS TV was originally designed to interact with MediaPortal, there are now other third party clients, the most popular of which is XBMC. See ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG XBMC with PVR Support and Front-Ends & Clients for more information.