Problems when running Recorder for first time setup

Installing and setting up ARGUS TV
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Problems when running Recorder for first time setup

Post by Dainius56 » Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:12 am

So apparently a known issue running recorder and I get this prompt: "One or more errors occurred"
So that leads me to this:

2016-03-09 18:54:03.0712 [Info ][ARGUS TV Recorder]: ARGUS TV Recorder 2.3 main-thread started.
2016-03-09 18:54:03.1025 [Info ][ARGUS TV Recorder]: Starting service.
2016-03-09 18:54:03.3056 [Info ][ARGUS TV Recorder]: Starting service hosts.
2016-03-09 18:54:03.7275 [Info ][ARGUS TV Recorder]: Initializing all cards.
2016-03-09 18:54:03.9920 [Error][ARGUS TV Recorder]: System.Exception: Unable to find input pin
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Bda.BdaUtility.ConnectFilterPins(IFilterGraph2 graphBuilder, IBaseFilter filterFrom, Int32 outputPinIndex, IBaseFilter filterTo, Int32 inputPinIndex)
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Bda.BdaCards.FindMatchingDevices(IFilterGraph2 graphBuilder, IBaseFilter networkProvider, Nullable`1 checkNetworkType)
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Bda.BdaCards.GetDevices(DVBSystemType dvbSystemType)
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Business.Components.CardDetector.DetectAndProcessCards(List`1 configuredCards, List`1 allDetectedCards, List`1 newlyDetectedCards, List`1 allDetectedDevices, CardType cardType, Nullable`1 dvbSystemType)
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Business.Components.CardDetector.DetectCards(List`1 configuredCards, List`1 newlyDetectedCards, List`1 allDetectedDevices)
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Business.Components.CardController.DetectCards(Boolean useVirtualGraphs)
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Business.Components.CardController.ValidateCards()
at ArgusTV.Recorder.Business.Components.CardController.get_Cards()
at ArgusTV.Recorder.MainThread.Initialize(Boolean systemResuming)
at ArgusTV.Recorder.MainThread.Run()
2016-03-09 18:54:04.2264 [Info ][ARGUS TV Recorder]: Stopping service.
2016-03-09 18:54:04.2264 [Info ][ARGUS TV Recorder]: Shutting down all cards.
2016-03-09 18:54:04.2420 [Info ][ARGUS TV Recorder]: Stopping service hosts.

Please offer whatever assistance you can. Fresh install of win10, all drivers up to date, network 4.0, directx. etc. Running with Hauppage USB dual tuner all up to date as well.. TYVM!

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Re: Problems when running Recorder for first time setup

Post by Infinimitsu » Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:11 pm

I'm having the same issue. I've followed several tutorials on installing ArgusTV. Everything seems to be going exactly as directed in the tutorials. When I try to run the Recorder Console for the first time I get the error "One or more errors occurred." Talk about the worst error message ever. The only solved issues I've seen have been for those running Microsoft Server 2008/2012. I'm running Windows 10.

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Re: Problems when running Recorder for first time setup

Post by troberge » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:57 pm

this is same log errors I am getting as well...

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