Dual tuners - The channel is already linked to service

Installing and setting up ARGUS TV
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Dual tuners - The channel is already linked to service

Post by impartialise » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:38 pm


I've been using Argus TV for some time with no issues using a HD satellite card on Windows 10.

I have bought an additional USB HD Freeview card so that I can watch one channel and record another.

In the recorder console, I hve scanned both tuners and services from both show up in the services tab. I am trying to map both the satellite and the freeview services to the same channel, but I receive the following error upon saving/applying:
"Duplicate links found. The following link(s) could not be established, because the channel you try to link to is already linked to another service. Unlink those channels first, and try again"

I receive an error to say no available tuners available when trying to tune a second channel.

Am I missing something, or some way to set up multiple tuners' services for the same channel ?

Any help would be much appreciated - I am almost certain that it's something simple, but I can't find any posts with a similar problem and have been struggling now for quite some time.


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