Postprocessing including comskip and compression

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Re: Postprocessing including comskip and compression

Post by Hominidae » Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:43 pm

hexagon wrote:What's the problem with running comskip by UNC paths? I'm using it every day with no trouble :)

I'm passing the arguments %%FILE%% %%CHANNEL%% to PostProcessing.bat which I modified to only process the video file if the recording was made on specified channels. The batch file is also using UNC paths to launch comskip.exe.
...see my other post, referring to a bug-report in the comskip forum.
AFAI understood comskip will work, but only applying default settings, because it will disregard the .ini file when given UNC-style paths to the .ts video.

Do you have a .ini per channel or one global setting for all?

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Re: Postprocessing including comskip and compression

Post by hexagon » Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:13 pm

I see. I'm using one comskip.ini for all channels so I guess I wouldn't notice this issue.

Until it's solved, perhaps you could do a workaround by copying the channel specific ini file before starting comskip in the batch script. Something like this:

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if %2 == "Eurosport" goto Eurosport
if %2 == "Kanal 5" goto Kanal5
goto eof
copy /y eurosport.ini comskip.ini
goto end
copy /y kanal5.ini comskip.ini
goto end
"\\Server\comskip\comskip.exe" %1

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