Windows 8 and FireDTV

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Windows 8 and FireDTV

Post by andrewNZ » Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:32 am

Malyngo wrote:I just installed Windows 8 on my machine.
Now, my FireDTV can't get a signal anymore. A possible issue is, that I don't use the legacy Firewire driver.

But that is the big problem: In Windows 8, I cannot select the legacy driver, it is not there.
Did anyone have any luck with that? Or is the time for the FireDTV finally over?
That card is the only one that works with my CI.
Luca Brasi wrote:Thanks for posting this, I have been thinking about moving to 8 but I was concerned about this exact issue...
Malyngo wrote:I was able to fix it, with the download of the legacy driver here.

My FireDTV is now working again.
But now I am back to choppy HD playback in MediaPortal. If I had just remembered how much hastle I had previously with that, I would have left everything untouched.

If you are on Win7, I wouldn't recommend going to Win8. I only upgraded my Mediacenter machine because it was still running on Vista.
Better take a look at 8 in a virtual machine, there are a lot of things about 8 that you might not like. It just feels to me like it still needs a little more polish.
It probably is a great OS on a tablet/touchscreen, but I don't think it is working for a desktop with mouse input.
Luca Brasi wrote:Yeah I have the same experience on my workstation. I have put a lot of effort in it to have it work like 7... No advantages of all that metro tablet stuff on a real machine. So there is really little gain in moving from 7 to 8...
You can fix it, or you can fix it until it's broken. I usually choose the latter.

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Re: Windows 8 and FireDTV

Post by Kay Diefenthal » Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:49 pm

let the default firewire diver installed

install the floppy /fire dtv drivers over the setup in compalition mode win 7

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