Recording started late possibly due to EPG grabbing

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Recording started late possibly due to EPG grabbing

Post by nmw01223 » Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:01 pm

W7/32 bit, 250GB SSD, 4GB RAM, dual core 2GHz Toshiba laptop, Argus 2.3, August DVB-T210.

A recording was set up in scheduler to start at 20:55 on wake up from suspend. Actually started at 21:13. Looking at the log it woke up OK and every 30 secs it tried to start but failed due to no available tuner. Finally at 21:13 it made it.

Looking further discovered that it appeared to be EPG grabbing (off air) over that period. The EPG grabber was set to run over full 24 hours, but the tick box to allow grabbing while watching live TV and recording was not set.

I have also occasionally noticed considerable live TV breakup at times, and managed to correlate that with EPG grabbing as well.

Is it possible it is EPG grabbing when it shouldn't be, therefore?

The logs are here: ... sp=sharing.

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Re: Recording started late possibly due to EPG grabbing

Post by simonsays » Fri Dec 25, 2015 1:58 pm

I do not see a good reason to forbid EPG grabbing while recording or live tv. Actually there is a reason to grab EPG for the channel you are recording. Short notice changes in the program.

My best guess is a problem with initialising the USB-Card after standby. On my box I switched to PCI cards because of this.

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