Invalid timing parameters error

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Invalid timing parameters error

Post by hairlesshobo » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:59 pm

Good Morning,

So I have started frequently receiving the below error message to email sometime in the past few months:
RT: MediaPortal TV Server on DVR reported the following error (2/6/2018 11:30:02 PM):

Recording of 30-2 WFOX-MY at 10:58 PM for 00:34:00 has invalid timing parameters.

Your ARGUS TV system may require your attention!
But here is the funny part.. even though I get that error blowing up my email inbox, it appears to still record just fine. Normally I would review source code to see where this error is generated and work backwards from there, but since I do not (that I am aware of) have access to the source, I was hoping dot-i could give me a quick hint about what might be causing this. FYI, I am on 2.3 and I have not made any changes to the recording environment in more than a year, so I can't think of any new change that would have caused this.

Thank you in advance,


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