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Can't edit wiki - captcha broken?

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:29 am
by bossanova808
I wanted to add this info to the argus/Kodi wiki, but it won't let me save the changes as I think the Captcha thing is broken.

If someone could fix that, or add this, that would be I suspect it's a frequent cause of users issues.

* A common issue is with special characters (@,*,# etc) in passwords. Either use a password without any special characters, or (once) manually add the source in the Kodi File Manager. Check you can actually browse into the source in there. Then look in your userdata/mediasources.xml (also it seems userdata/passwords.xml is used) - you will find in there the encoded version of your password. This must then me copied in to the pass field in your addon_data/pvr.argustv/settings.xml file.