Suggestions and Alerts?

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Re: Suggestions and Alerts?

Post by sgibbers17 » Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:00 pm

Christoph21x wrote:
Caesium wrote:(...)
Alerts have some use as they can pop up a box to remind you about it, as was mentioned further up.

As far as I know the MediaPortal plugin doesn't even do anything with Suggestions at all (and if it did, what would it be? just pop up a box? then they're basically Alerts).
Does anybody know, which system is supporting this Alert functionality with popups?
Caesium wrote:What you're proposing though is something completely new, a kind of tivo system, which Argus currently just simply doesn't do, it would have to be started from scratch - throw it at dot-i as a feature request :)
Hi Caesium - could you shortly explain to me, what a tivo system is, pls?
TiVo is a standalone set top box PVR that looks at the shows you watch an make recommendations of other shows to watch.

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Re: Suggestions and Alerts?

Post by andrewNZ » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:22 pm

I'm fairly sure the TiVo unit doesn't create the suggestions itself, the TiVo servers do it and the TiVo unit collects this data from the remote servers along with the epg.

Creating suggestions automatically and intelligently isn't a trivial matter.
You can fix it, or you can fix it until it's broken. I usually choose the latter.

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Re: Suggestions and Alerts?

Post by jonaskp » Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:38 pm

I am using the suggestions much the same way as Christoph.

I have a suggestions schedule with all football matches in the leagues I am interested in, so instead of trawling through the EPG on all the different channels looking if I wan't to record some of this weeks matches, I just look through that particular suggestion list.

Also, I always setup a suggestion when there is an event like the olympics or the world championship in football. I rarely want to record and watch all of the stuff that is shown on TV, but this way I get a nice, chronological list of all the things I might be interested.

I agree that a suggestion feature that would suggest things that I might like, would be great (however, very difficult to implement and in my book waaaay down on the list of needed/wanted features), but I don't agree that the current suggestions is useless.
I use suggestions a lot and they are part of the complex and superior scheduling engine that is the reason why I love Argus TV - and ForTheRecord even back when it was only a scheduler for MediaPortal TVserver.

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