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Simple XBMC-Client

Post by dero » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:37 pm


I have a github repository at:

I clone this on my clients (2x Linux Raspberry Pi and 2x Android MK808, both with XBMC Frodo) on a fresh installation for easy configuration. Works out of the box for me.

The repository also contains my Python plugin at: ... 4TRBrowser

The Python plugin allows to browse the FTR library and play. Works best with Quartz skin. It's not the full-fledged PVR plugin, but my wife loves it (and the kids hence also) and that's all what counts... Right?

It's written for FTR, but it should also work with ArgusTV if the REST-API is still the same. I guess only line

Code: Select all

url= webaddress + '/ForTheRecord/' + endpoint
hast to be fixed since the naming has changed.

It would be nice if someone with ArgusTV could try it out because I still did not migrate to ArgusTV. My wife (and kids) would kill me if it doesn't work anymore...


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