No channels / no TV server config. Argus TV plugin

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No channels / no TV server config. Argus TV plugin

Post by nmw01223 » Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:10 am

I have been trying to get Argus TV (1.2.3) to work for some weeks, but have never got reliable TV recordings - loads of dropouts (see other posts). Using a 292e USB single channel TV receiver, all on Windows 7.

Thought I'd try the MediaPortal TV server as a recorder under the Argus TV scheduler console, to see if the recording had no dropouts.

So, installed MediaPortal (1.12.0), TV server only, then looked at the Argus TV / MediaPortal TV server instructions. First thing it says is "pretty simple" and "enable the Argus TV plugin in the Media Portal TV server configuration, and configure it". Well, there is no Argus TV plugin to enable.

Carried on regardless, created a new TV server recorder in the scheduler console recorders page, came up called 'TVE', same URL as the Argus TV one, I notice. Ping works OK ('server successfully connected to TVE'), test shares doesn't ('server failed to connect to TVE'). Slight difference of opinion there.

In the Argus TV recorder console, the 292e is disabled so MediaPortal can get at it.

If I now go to the scheduler console EPG page and try to record a program, it says 'no card available'.

Looking at the MediaPortal folder in Program files, in the plugins folder there is a DLL per plugin that actually is shown in the configuration. Then found in an Argus TV repository MediaPortal 1.7.0 Pre-Release, and in the plugins folder in there is a DLL called ArgusTV.UI.MediaPortal.DLL.

Stopped the MediaPortal TVServer service, placed this DLL in plugins folder, started it again. Now the configuration comes up with an error message about missing assemblies - and there is still no Argus TV plugin to configure. So, removed the DLL again.

I did try MediaPortal TV server directly under Kodi (bypassing Argus TV completely), and channels scanned, recordings are good, EPG works etc, so MediaPortal is basically working, but (a) there seems to be problems getting it to wake from standby for planned recordings (it didn't), (b) Kodi hung once or twice, and (c) Argus TV scheduler console is a much nicer UI anyway.

So I seem to have a choice:
- Argus TV recorder and scheduler with Kodi, nice scheduler UI but pretty unwatchable recordings.
- MediaPortal TV server direct to Kodi, and general flakiness, problems on wake from standby, and no Argus TV scheduler.

I'd really like to get MediaPortal TV server working as a recorder under the Argus TV scheduler console - how do I do it?

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