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NOTE 1: If you intend to use the built-in ARGUS TV Recorder, and MediaPortal TV server is installed on the same machine, make sure you stop and disable the TVService windows service so your cards are actually free to be used by ARGUS. Or uninstall MediaPortal TV server.

NOTE 2: If you intend to use MediaPortal TV server as recorder you should use the final 1.3.0 release!

NOTE 3: For MediaPortal 1.4 a recompiled client can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=4454
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!! Please read the installation manual as it contains IMPORTANT information you need to read before you start installing !!

The list of changes since 2.0.1:
  • Refactored scheduler and XMLTV & EPG importers to work with UTC times (for better daylight saving time support).
  • Refactored internal channels, upcomings, etc... to all provide an 'integer' ID besides the GUID that was already there. This is to make it easier to integrate with XBMC.
  • WCF and REST api versions bumped due to the above changes.
  • Changed text for "New episodes only" to "Record episodes once" and "Skip repeats" to "First runs only".
  • Web Access: current grid length is now saved in a cookie for Upcomings and Schedules.
  • Web Access: added Retina image for main logo.
  • Web Access: added star rating to EPG and recorded program popup window (if available).
  • Web Access: added 'Previously shown' to the program popup window.
  • Web Access: hide new text-clear button on IE10+ (since we have our own).
  • Web Access: Edit Schedule now allows for hours in the pre- and post-record textboxes.
  • Web Access: fixed entering manual schedules with start-time before midnight and stop-time after midnight.
  • Web Access: upgraded to bootstrap 2.3.1 and updated some more jquery libs.
  • Web Access: no longer supports IE7.
  • Scheduler: enabled a category-only schedule or search.
  • Scheduler: enabled all the same arguments from recording file formats for processing commands.
  • Recorder: tweaked buffering for radio, should no longer skip.
  • Recorder: fixed low-level parser bug that sometimes caused missing DVB-EPG data.
  • Recorder: small tweak to detect and avoid double text in DVB-EPG data.
  • Recorder: updated Satellites.xml to Reinh@rd 26.04.2013.
  • Recorder: made demuxer a bit more robust to handle duplicate stream PID entries (fixes ORF2 HD issue).
  • Core: tweaked NewSequentialGuid() for better performance on SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Core: Tweaked scheduler to fix bogus "is no longer recording" detection that happened in some race condition.
  • Core: Fixed REST search calls.
  • MediaPortal: Updated all MP referenced assemblies to 1.3 Final.
  • MediaPortal: Branded and tweaked Titan skin.
  • MediaPortal: Fixed OSD for DefaultWide skin.
  • MediaPortal: Recorded TV and Radio for DefaultWide.
  • The import/synchronize wizard in the Recorder Console will now also try to read FTR metadata.
  • Fixed crash with forward slashes in Recorder console's setting screen.
  • Updated satellites.xml to Reinh@rd 19.01.2013.
  • Updated Cables.xml and Terrestrial.xml.

ARGUS TV Recorder DVB-C/S/T and ATSC card support:
  • TBS: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Digital Everywhere (FireDTV): CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Digital Devices: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • TechnoTrend: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • TeVii: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Twinhan: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • KNC: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Hauppage: DiSEqC, ATSC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • HDHomeRun: ATSC tuning
  • Certain generic cards: DiSEqC and ATSC tuning
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