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NOTE 1: If you intend to use the built-in ARGUS TV Recorder, and MediaPortal TV server is installed on the same machine, make sure you stop and disable the TVService windows service so your cards are actually free to be used by ARGUS. Or uninstall MediaPortal TV server.

NOTE 2: If you intend to use MediaPortal TV server as recorder it is recommended to use the final 1.5.0 release!

!! Please read the installation manual as it contains IMPORTANT information you need to read before you start installing !!

This release of ARGUS TV contains a number of fixes and performance improvements.
  • The Scheduler is significantly faster when dealing with multiple complex schedules.
  • EPG parsing in the Recorder has been optimized to use a lot less CPU.
  • The Recorder has much better TBS card support.
  • All consoles now support high-DPI displays (aka Retina).
  • Revamped REST api that is more RESTful.
  • Ready for XBMC Gotham and supports MediaPortal 1.5 out of the box.
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Full release notes of the changes since 2.1:
  • Scheduler: implemented smarter caching when calculating upcoming programs - should speed things up with a lot of complex schedules.
  • Scheduler: revamped the REST api to be more RESTful (still supports the old api for backwards compatibility).
  • Scheduler: added %%CHANNELTYPE%% format.
  • Scheduler: console is now DPI-aware.
  • Scheduler: added new configuration setting to specify the e-mail sender (default is the first address in the to-list).
  • Scheduler: when changing the post-record of an already active recording, the recording will now correctly run until the new end-time.
  • Scheduler: hitting the Delete key in the Recorder Programs panel now acts the same as picking Delete from the popup menu.
  • Scheduler: added support for <previously-shown> to XMLTV importer.
  • Scheduler: allow star-rating in XMLTV to contain decimal points.
  • Scheduler: tweaked XMLTV importer to trim spaces around titles/episode numbers.
  • Scheduler: if 'Verbose' logging is on, REST service calls will now be logged.
  • Scheduler: added new GetFullRecordings method to the REST api as request by the XBMC plugin author.
  • Scheduler: updated ezthumb to 3.0.4.
  • Recorder: when a program change is detected while recording/streaming, descrambling is reinitialized now.
  • Recorder: optimized EPG grabbing significantly.
  • Recorder: console is now DPI-aware.
  • Recorder: live streams will now allow scrambled programs to stream (but with black image of course) -- this should enable card activation signals to come through.
  • Recorder: tweaked TBS code to support most TBS cards.
  • Recorder: TBS 22khz and toneburst fixes (djblu)
  • Recorder: made minimum ts files count 3 instead of 2.
  • Recorder: tweaked PMT tuning code to fix occasional tunings problems (e.g. HBO HD).
  • Recorder: fixed bogus Indeo Decoders error when card was already tuned to the correct frequency (djblu)
  • Recorder: changed 'Scan' to 'Scan Services' in the Recorder Console.
  • Recorder: updated Satellites.xml to Reinh@rd 10.11.2013 and made it world-wide.
  • Recorder: updated Delta Netherlands in Cables.xml.
  • Recorder: updated Ziggo(9700) in Cables.xml
  • Recorder: updated Germany: Kevag / Kabel Deutschland in Cables.xml
  • Web Access: tweaked time format in Web Access (fixes problems in some timezones).
  • Web Access: added <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"/> to fix Surface tablet browsing.
  • Web Access: program popup from Upcoming for types Alert and Suggestion now allow recordings to be created (like from the EPG).
  • Web Access: fixed "on now" issue with start/stop times that were not exactly on a minute.
  • Web Access: fixed program popup on Edit Schedule when the upcoming grid was paged.
  • Added MediaPortal 1.4 and 1.5 support to the installer, removed support for MP 1.2.x.
ARGUS TV Recorder DVB-C/S/T and ATSC card support:
  • TBS: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Digital Everywhere (FireDTV): CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Digital Devices: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • TechnoTrend: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • TeVii: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Twinhan: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • KNC: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Hauppage: DiSEqC, ATSC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • HDHomeRun: ATSC tuning
  • Certain generic cards: DiSEqC and ATSC tuning
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