Season/Episode info for the UK

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Season/Episode info for the UK

Post by alan77ss » Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:27 pm

For all those in the UK who want season/episode info added to their xmltv listings i’ve worked out a way to do it using the XMLTVGUI grabber app. Fortunately the Radio Times grabber already contains season/episode data - it’s just not set up to display it when you import it into Argus TV.

It’s been a while since i set this up so bear with me if it doesn’t work straight away.

1. Download and install the XMLTVGUI application from the following link

2. Follow the website instructions, using the Radio Times grabber to import your channels into Argus TV (you will have to rename some of the channels in Argus TV to exactly match the XMLTVGUI grabber channels - otherwise you’ll end up with duplicates. You need to do this before you import the channel data). Also make sure the grabber saves the file to C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV\XMLTV\guide.XML.

3. Once you’ve successfully got all your channels mapped in and tested that they work, you need to go into XMLTVGUI and click Tools/Settings and then the postprocessors tab.

4. Click the PrgDets checkbox, highlight the line and click settings.

5. Now tick whichever options you want eg. “Add Episode Numbers” and “Use short form for Episode Numbers”. Then click ok.

6. All we need to do now is edit the prog_details.lua file in Program Files/XMLTVGUI/scripts to make the info a little more presentable. As it’s been a while and i can’t remember exactly how i edited it, it’s probably simpler to just replace the file with the one i’ve attached ( ... XR0S0J0eWc). But if it’s not to your liking you can edit yourself - it’s fairly easy to work out how to do it.

7. Run the grabber again and hopefully you should now see season and episode info in the program title.

8. To arrange your recordings into folders eg. Program/Season No. - i use the following in ‘Recording File Formats’ in the Argus Tv Management Console.


9. You can automatically run the grabber with schceduled tasks or via a batch script in startup using the following commmand "C:\Program Files\XMLTV GUI\xmltvgui.exe" /grab

Hope that’s not too confusing. Good luck!

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