Splitting Xmltv guide into 2 for import

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Splitting Xmltv guide into 2 for import

Post by MrGrymReaper » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:31 pm


I'm trying to split a single xmltv guide which I have grabbed using the tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite grabber. I would like to have a separate guide for television and an another separate one for radio. This is to ensure that the data is placed in the correct categories for EPG mapping. As otherwise it doesn't always get categorised by broadcast type correctly for the mapping thus don't get placed correctly for the listings and the guide system used via client software (e.g. Kodi). I'm using the internal recorder of ArgusTV software on the system. The guide was obtained using the xmltv.exe program itself and hopefully be split using that same program.

I think that tv_split will be required however I haven't much luck on finding items to be used as split criteria which meet my requirements. I'm using the UK Freeview data feed for guide listings information.

If anyone can identify the required criteria to use then I would be able to create the script myself.

Any help provided would be much appreciated! ;)

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Uploaded Guide.zip
An example of the single guide data source for splitting.
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Re: Splitting Xmltv guide into 2 for import

Post by tomper » Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:07 am

The only thing I can see that distinguishes radio from TV is the channel number in the channels list, i.e. All radio stations on freeview are between channels 700 and 799.

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