Channels confusing

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Channels confusing

Post by JMS » Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:42 pm

Actually may be this has been discussed somewhere else but I didn't found it. So here's the point:

Imagine I am developing a new recorder - actually for the moment just playing around, no real target. The recorder will use some external software for device access (let's guss DVB.NET for some weired reason). This software manages channels in a way useful for ist very own needs. So how to come from the UI to a channel to use.

What I think I understood is the following: there are GuideChannels. A GuideChannel can NOT be created or modified by the end user (which includes administrators as well) - for some reason deleting GuideChannels seem to be ok. Some guide scanning tool will create GuideChannels as needed while populating the ArgusTV database with GuideProgram information.

To make the guide useful for the end user a channel mapping must be created - which can be manual or automatic. Here it is possible to map different physical channels to a single GuideChannel. This comes in very handy for HDTV where different channels map to the same program - e.g. germans Das Erste and Das Erste HD. Channels can be managed fully at least by the administrator which eventually may rename it - e.g. ZDF Neo instead of ZDF_neo.

But our poor recorder now has a problem: how to map a channel to some physical source to record from? Without an extra mapping in some private database this is a bit difficult to implement. Let's first assume that channel names are unique which will allow a direct mapping by lookup. But allowing the administrator to change the name of the channel could be an issue - actually it is a DisplayName not a foreign key!

And what about channels like US Channel 4/5 with lots of sources coming from different transponders? The recorder may choose one but this may have an impact on the recording plan: once choosen it fixes the transponder and may loose to possibility to merge another recording on a differen channel but on a transponder of another channel variant. In worst can planning goes well (yes we CAN) but when recordings are started one after the other for the first recording coming in the recorder has to make a choice.

What are the suggested ways to go for?



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Re: Channels confusing

Post by luetty » Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:24 pm

Hi Jochen,

are you sure, to talk about a recorder?
I think the recorder-service has nothing to do with the channel mapping.
channels are mapped within argus (middleware).

If you look to a standard args setup, you'll see that the RecorderDatabase (SQLite) holds frequencys and tuning parameter.
The mapping is saved in the argus database (MsSQL/mySQL).


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Re: Channels confusing

Post by Kay Diefenthal » Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:48 pm

Hi Luetty

JMS will Import data from DVB.Net to ArgusTv
so Dot-I it use for MediaPortals Tve

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Re: Channels confusing

Post by dot-i » Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:35 pm

JMS wrote:What are the suggested ways to go for?
This is the reason the ARGUS Recorder talks about Services and not Channels, to try and minimize this confusion ;)

So indeed, the recorded has some services (channels) that correspond to, say, actual frequencies.

The ARGUS TV Scheduler only has a higher-level notion of a channel (something it can record/schedule on). So it is this channel that is passed over the API to the Recorder. So the mapping needs te be done at recorder-level indeed, to map a channel back and forth from a service.

The DisplayName property can be used like you mentioned, but so can the ChannelId itself (GUID) -- which makes it much more unique. The channel passed in over the API it detailed, so it's not just the name.
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