DLNA server with deletion (Playon plugin)

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DLNA server with deletion (Playon plugin)

Post by cncb » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:15 pm

Attached is a DLNA server for Argus TV recordings written as a plugin to the Playon media server. It allows playback and deletion of Argus TV recordings and shows a list of upcoming recordings.

  • The Playon media server software is required. This should work with the free, unlicensed version but I am not able to test this.
  • The server does no video conversion so your DLNA player/renderer must support your recording files/codecs natively or playback will fail.
  • Deletion works well on my Sony Blu-ray player: it shows a brief error when delete is selected since there is no actual video file to play and then handles dynamic updates to the DLNA menu items well. I'm not sure how other DLNA clients will behave.
  • Install the Playon media server software
  • Open the Playon settings (right-click system tray icon) and Stop the server.
  • Close the Playon settings.
  • Unzip the 2 plugin files to the Playon plugins directory (probably C:\Program Files\MediaMall\plugins).
  • Open the Playon settings.
  • Select the 'Plugins' tab, click 'Install', and select the 'PlayonArgusTV.plugin' file that you unzipped to the plugins directory.
  • Click 'Options' for the Argus TV plugin, set options as necessary, and click 'Save' to close options.
  • Select the 'General Settings' tab, start the server, and apply the options changes when prompted.
Note that you need to stop and restart the server before any Options changes will take effect.
  • Folder and Recording Titles: You can customize what text is displayed in the DLNA menus for each recording and recording folder (if showing folders for group recordings). It can be any combination of the formatted recording date or recording metadata. The formatted recording date is designated by: <FormatString> where FormatString can be a standard or custom custom string. Recording metadata is designated by: {Name} where Name can be either LONGTITLE or SMARTEPISODE (this is the first non-empty string of the episode title, description, or program title in that order). I can eventually add more if wanted. For example, for my Folder Title I use <ddd MMM dd>: {SMARTEPISODE} which results in folder titles like Mon Apr 22: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.
  • Path Substitution: This is optional if you want to stream from a local path instead of the network location (replace UNC share with local recording path).
Argus TV plugin for Playon
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Re: DLNA server with deletion (Playon plugin)

Post by dot-i » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:55 am

Very very cool! :)
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