Autorun Script to check/start Argus and MPTVServer Services

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Autorun Script to check/start Argus and MPTVServer Services

Post by Bleazle » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:36 am

The problem:

Every now and then I miss a recording or can't start watching Live TV when I want to because either the ArgusTVScheduler and/or the MP TVService services aren't working - this has been known to have a negative effect on the WAF in my house :evil: Both Services are configured to Restart if the Service fails but (obviously) this doesn't always happen for whatever reason. I finally decided to see if I could do anything about this yesterday and here's what I came up with. Please note that I am no computer expert so there may be a more elegant/better way to do this (if there is please post it here)but it's working here so I'm happy ;)

1. Create a new folder in your "C" drive called ServicesBAT. Don't put this folder into the "Programmes" folder etc as it may not run.
2. Unzip the attached file and put the BAT & VBS files into the above folder. NOTE:The VBS script runs the BAT script, thereby preventing a DOS window from opening every time the BAT script runs.
3. If you want to run the script on Startup (I did) create a shortcut to VBS file, open your StartUp folder then cut and paste the shortcut into the Startup folder.

The above is all very well and should make sure both Services are running when the computer starts but what if one or the other (or both!) of the Services aren't running at a later time for some reason? I wanted the system to automatically check that both Services were running every 30 minutes and restart them if required. Here's how I'm doing that:

1. Run an elevated command prompt: (Open the Start Menu, click on All Programs and Accessories, right click on Command Prompt, and click on Run as administrator)

2. Type the following in (change the "30" (as in every 30 minutes) to whatever you prefer))and click "enter". NOTE: Make sure you get the blank spaces in the right place!!:

schtasks /create /sc minute /mo 30 /tn "Services Check" /tr C:\ServicesBAT\Services.vbs

Click enter. Then EXIT the DOS window.

That's it :)

If you want to check to see if the task is running (and has run) start the Task Scheduler (type task into the search area in Windows 7)and click on the "Task Scheduler Library". You will see the task there; when it was last run and when it is going to run next.

This task only takes a couple of seconds to run if everything is fine (i.e. both Services are running) and even if it has to start both Services it only runs for as long as it takes them to start and adds virtually nothing to the CPU overhead.

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