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ARGUS TV keeps comprehensive logs for informational and troubleshooting purposes.

Logs can be useful for the end user, as they give indication of background process progress. For example, if you have supplied ARGUS TV with new epg data, and want to know whether the data has been imported, you can view the logs to find out.

Critical application errors are also passed to the windows event reporting mechanism for subsequent analysis outside of ARGUS TV. Specific ARGUS TV events are reported in the local logs and can be viewed by selection from ARGUS TV Recorder Console or ARGUS TV Scheduler Console.

Using the "View logs" window

By default, all logs are shown for the current day, to see only a specific type of log, or logs for other days, you must adjust the filters to suit your needs. Logs can be filtered by Module, Severity and Date range, to help you find information easier. Adjusting the filters and clicking the "Search" button, will apply the filters you have chosen. Clicking the "Clear Criteria" button will set the filters back to their default settings.

Clicking the "Open Local Logs" button, will open the folder on the local machine containing the local log files. If you need to access the log files for another machine you will need to access them from that machine.