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ARGUS TV installer does NOT contain or install malware of any kind. However, we cannot guarantee that ARGUS TV files on your computer will remain malware free after installation, as they could become infected.

Ignoring recommendations of your malware protection software is at your own risk. If a virus is detected in an ARGUS TV file, we recommend having the file scanned by one of the many reputable free online virus scanners.


This article will outline several possible issues with installation and upgrades and possible solutions.

It is important to note that at this point, new installations and existing installation upgrades are essentially exactly the same. The only difference is if ARGUS TV detects the existing installation, it uninstalls that first.

Common causes of problems, and possible soloutions

The main causes of installation failure are as follows

  • Incorrect SQL login: Ensure you are using the correct login credentials by using the test connection button before proceeding.
  • Antivirus software falsely detecting a virus in ARGUS TV: Add the ARGUS TV installation folder to the antiviruses exclusion list or temporarily disable protection to prevent the antivirus from interfering with the install process.
  • ARGUS TV's services failing to stop: Prior to running the ARGUS TV installer, manually stop the ARGUS TV services.

Online Virus scanners

Here is a list of free online virus scanning options. This list is provided for convenience only, in no way do we guarantee the availability or reliability of these tools. These scanners allow you to upload a file and scan it using several free online virus scanners, returning the result from each.

This list is provided for convenience only.