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Legal Notice / Disclaimer

ARGUS TV is a public, free & open source-software.
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We emphasis that the content of contributions represent the personal opinion of the contributor or author, and not necessarily represent the official communication nor opinion of the developers or sponsors/companies behind ARGUS TV.

The content of ARGUS TV Forum and ARGUS TV Wiki pages is regularly patrolled and offending, illegal or advertising content is deleted without prior notice. Nevertheless neither the patrolling people nor sponsors or companies linked to ARGUS TV are accountable for user's contributions and the content of external links. Neither is guaranteed that the given information may work as described nor if it is according to your local law.

Creators, supporters and sponsors and their companies are in no way neither responsible nor accountable for the content of threads, posts and articles of contributors.

If you feel offended by any content, recognize offending or illegal information on our pages, please contact us immediately.