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This is a temporary page to assist users in the transition between 4TR and ARGUS TV.

Before you begin

The ARGUS TV installer has been configured to allow users to easily upgrade their 4TR installation. It will uninstall 4TR and then copy your settings across to the new ARGUS TV install. You do not need to do anything before you begin (except ensure the family isn't using it).

If you want to start fresh, there are some steps you need to take in order to ensure that no settings are copied from an old 4TR install. See Fresh Install below.


If you want to upgrade and keep all your settings and channels intact, the process is very straight forward.

  1. Download the latest installer from ICN FORUM INLINE.PNG the forums
  2. Extract and run the installer. The ARGUS TV installer will detect the old 4TR install and run it's uninstaller, this is a required step as the two products cannot run simultaneously. The 4TR uninstaller may ask if you want do a full uninstall. Click NO
  3. Continue with the install as normal.

Fresh Install

There are some steps to take to ensure you get a clean install rather than an upgrade. Once you have followed the steps below, run the installer as normal.

Install Folder locations

These locations will give the location for 64 bit versions of Windows. If you run a 32 bit version, omit "(x86)" (where shown) from the path location.

Windows XP / WHSv1

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\For The Record
  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\For The Record

Windows Vista & above / WHS2011

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\For The Record
  • C:\ProgramData\For The Record

Removing the SQL Database

Removing the SQL database can be done in two ways

  • Use SQL Management Studio (in case of MS SQL), or MySQL Workbench (for MySQL)


  • Use the DROP DATABASE command

You may need to delete ForTheRecord and/or ArgusTV databases.

SQL Management Studio / MySQL Workbench

As there should be plenty of guides to using these applications available, we will only provide a link. ICN WEB INLINE.PNG Google

MS SQL Drop Database

This is actually far easier than it first appears to a newbie. This assumes you have a default install of MS SQL.
Try these steps. This will delete the For The Record Database. If you have installed ARGUS TV once already, you will need to also do the optional step to delete the ARGUS TV database.
Open a command prompt (windows key + R, type cmd), and type the command on each line and press enter. (the commands are shown in bold, do not begin the command with a space).

Start here

C:\Users\Andrew> sqlcmd -S .\sqlexpress -E
1> drop database ForTheRecord
2> go

Optional (deletes the ARGUS TV Database).

1> drop database ArgusTV
2> go

When you're done.

1> exit

ICN INFO.PNG Information:

The command above assumes you have a standard install of MS SQL Express, if not, you may have to alter the first line.
.\sqlexpress is the name of the SQL server running on your machine. You will need to change it to .\<your server name here>
You may be able to find it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, clicking the services tab, and scrolling down to the SQL Services. You should find a line that looks a little like this:


MySQL Drop Database

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