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Channel Logos

There are several options

EPG Collection

The Geekzone forum on this subject is a good place to look, see ICN WEB INLINE.PNG Forums>EPG

ICN WEB INLINE.PNG EPG Collector works fine with Freeview and ARGUS TV. You will get 7 days of EPG data.

How Many tuners do I need

Currently 09/2012 Freeview is carried by 3 multiplexes. Each multiplex carries multiple channels. Each tuner you have can tune to a single multiplex and ARGUS TV will be able to record all channels on that multiplex at the same time. Therefore to be 100% sure that ARGUS TV can record every possible combination of channels you may want, you will need 3 tuners. (Note that some TV cards come with multiple tuners on a card). If you only have 2 or 1 tuner then there may be some cases when ARGUS TV cannot record all the programs you wanted.


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