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ARGUS TV has its own RTSP streaming server onboard. The server will be launched at the first incoming request. You can configure what port should be used for the streaming. The default port is 8554, but you can change that in the config file of the streaming server. In the StreamingServer folder open the ARGUSTV.StreamingServer.Service.exe.config and look for the setting named "RtspPortNumber". The setting will be picked up the next time the streaming server is launched, so you can either stop/start all ARGUS TV services, or just kill the ARGUSTV.StreamingServer.Service.exe process in taskmanager, it will automatically be restarted at the next incoming request.

To watch your recordings over RTSP from the MMC, there is a setting in the MMC config : Look in the config, and set the StreamRecordingsUsingRtsp to True.