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The Recorded programs page allows you to see and manage all of your recorded programs.

The Disk used: bar along the top gives an indication of the percentage of disk space used. Holding your mouse over the bar will give more detailed information about disk usage.

Managing recordings

The main portion of this page displays all of your recorded programs. Programs recorded from the same schedule will be grouped in a folder with the same name as the schedule. The folder also tells you how many recordings it contains.

There is a complete list of ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG Meaning of Icons. We'll run through the basics here.

A folder, is a group of recordings, if it has a red dot there are currently active recordings in that folder.

A circle with the "Play" triangle in it, is a recording.

  • A red circle is an active recording.
  • A green circle is a complete recording.
  • A Blue circle is a partial recording.
  • A grey circle is a missing recording.
  • A yellow * on the circle means it is unwatched.

Playing a recording

Double clicking a recording will open it in VLC media player if it is installed. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. It can be found ICN WEB INLINE.PNG here.


It is possible to filter the list of recordings using the options at the top of the page. This will allow you to display only recordings that meet your set criteria.

Deleting Recordings

Deleting recordings is done by right clicking the recording and selecting delete.

An active recording must be aborted before it is deleted. This can be done in several places, including ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG Active Recordings.

A folder cannot be directly deleted. If you wish to delete an entire folder, you must delete all the recordings from the folder, then the folder will disappear from the list.

To select a group of recordings, select the recording at the top of the group, and hold "Shift" while clicking the recording at the bottom of the group.
To pick out a few recordings, select one, then while holding "Ctrl" select the rest one at a time.

Once you have selected multiple recordings, right clicking any selected recording will allow you to delete them all.

Remark: Deleting recordings, deletes them from the disk, use with caution.


The bottom of the page contains the details about the selected recording. Details include the schedule that triggered the recording, when it was recorded, when it was last watched, and it's keep settings.


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This button can be used to export recording(s) to a place outside of ARGUS TV

Clicking the button brings up a list the same as the Recorded Programs list. Select which recordings you wish to export

The next pop up allows you to select the destination for the export. Three tick boxes allow addition control

  1. Create subdirectories in destination : Leave blank and exported files will be placed in the destination, tick this and a subfolder will be created for each Title/Schedule/Channel/Date depending on the drop down selection
  2. Always export metadata in separate .atv file : tick this box to export a .atv file, this is an XML file of meta data that can be used for ??????
  3. Delete recording from ARGUS TV after export : does what it says

You export will consist of The recorded program, a jpeg thumbnail, optional metadata