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Record and Watch TV With Your PC

Easily record your favorite TV programs with a push of a button. Never miss your favorite show again!

  • Smart Program Guide: automatically handle schedule-time changes and recording conflicts.
  • Worldwide Access: take control of your PVR system from anywhere in the world.
  • TV Extenders: enable playback on any TV in your home, with access to your central recordings.
  • Auto Record: have your PVR record a recurring show like the daily news for later playback, automatically removing older recordings.

What is ARGUS TV?


ARGUS TV is an advanced rule-based scheduling system to record your favorite TV programs in a very intelligent way.

It has full support for running as a service with multiple clients (see example setup diagrams below). Access to the system is available ranging from a typical Windows application over plugins for living-room Media playback software to internet Web Access to give you the maximum possible reach.

Because the scheduling system is rule-based it offers unparalleled power to record exactly what you want. The examples below can be easily set up in a single schedule definition each.

  • Record any "CSI" episode shown somewhere between 7PM and 11PM, but not the ones from "Miami", and don't record episodes that have been recorded before.
  • Record "The Simpsons" every Monday and Wednesday on Channel Foo around 7PM (so also when it's shown at 7:15PM or 6:55PM).
  • Record all movies with "Samuel Jackson" on BBC1 or BBC2 and don't record movies that have been recorded before.
  • Record all documentaries on NGC or Discovery Channel that have "Global warming" in their description.

ARGUS TV has conflict management built-in to help the scheduler record as many programs as it can, based on your available recording devices. It will let you intervene manually as well.

ARGUS TV is very modular thanks to its Service Oriented Architecture. Recording is handled by modules (services) that are called recorder/tuners. You have the choice between its native 'Argus' recording engine (for digital TV - DVB and ATSC) or the recorder/tuner for MediaPortal TV Server.

Recorded shows are stored on your system's hard disk and can be played back manually, from the ARGUS TV Scheduler Console or via various clients.

ARGUS TV can also be used to watch Live-TV, either via various clients, or via your favorite Mediaplayer, using our RTSP-Streaming server.

ARGUS TV Setup... click to enlarge →

SingleSeat Setup

Client and Server are on the same physical machine.

Single-seat Setup... click to enlarge →

MultiSeat Setup

Client and Server are on different physical machines. You can provide multiple clients, with one server. And of course, you can setup multiple server too.

Multi-Seat Setup... click to enlarge →

You can setup the system even more modular if you like (add more clients, put Web Acces on a different machine,...). You can even install the Core Services and one or more recorder/tuner(s) on different machines (and combine several machines with tuner cards that way).

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