Quick Check of the Installation

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You can check all services in “services management console”. (click windows start button, select run, and type services.msc) The most important installed service is the “For The Record Core Services”. If this service is not running, nothing will work, since all communication goes through this service. Also verify that your recorder/tuner services are started (of you have any). If not start them manually, and if they cannot be started, check the event-log to find out the reason. (maybe the account entered during install wasn’t allowed to run services … )

Quick check1.png


If SQL Express is your database server, then you can use SQL Server Management Studio Express to have a look at the “ForTheRecord” database. For MySQL, you can use the MySQL Query Browser.

Quick check2.png
Quick check3.png

Rem: These are just sample images, the database content might have changed in the meantime.