Recorder service unable to start, running Microsoft Security Essentials

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ICN ATTN.PNG Attention:

ARGUS TV installer does NOT contain or install malware of any kind. However, we cannot guarantee that ARGUS TV files on your computer will remain malware free after installation, as they could become infected.

Ignoring recommendations of your malware protection software is at your own risk. If a virus is detected in an ARGUS TV file, we recommend having the file scanned by one of the many reputable free online virus scanners.



There are cases of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) falsely detecting a virus in the ARGUS TV Recorder database file preventing ARGUS TV Recorder Service from starting.

What happens

MSE detects ‘’Exploit:Win32/CVE-2011-0658’’ in the file ‘’C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV\ARGUS TV.Recorder.sdf’’ and quarantines the item. This file is critical to ARGUS TV Recorder Service and therefore ARGUS TV Recorder Service is unable to start.

How to fix it

Assuming you are sure there is no threat from this file, you can tell your antivirus to restore this file to its proper location. Once the file is restored, start the ARGUS TV Recorder Service or reboot your PC.

Online Virus scanners

Here is a list of free online virus scanning options. This list is provided for convenience only, in no way do we guarantee the availability or reliability of these tools. These scanners allow you to upload a file and scan it using several free online virus scanners, returning the result from each.

This list is provided for convenience only.