Scheduling Your First Recording

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If you have everything up and running (at least one recorder/tuner is needed), you are ready for your first recording. For our first recording, we will make a simple recording from the guide. Scheduling using rules can be tested later on. Open ARGUS TV Scheduler Console, it will open on the Guide page. Choose a program on a channel that is about to begin, right click, and select record.

Schedule first0.png

This will create a manual schedule, click save and you’re done.

Schedule first1.png

That done, we can now see our recording in the Programs / Upcoming Recordings:

Schedule first2.png

When the recording has started, it will be listed in the Programs / Active Recordings:

Schedule first3.png

Now, you can also see the (ongoing) recording in the Recordings / Recorded Programs:

Schedule first4.png

You can double click the program, and the associated viewer will open.

Notice the red arrow icon, meaning that the recording is still busy. A green arrow indicates a completely recorded program, and a blue arrow indicates a partially recorded program. See Meaning of Icons

Schedule first5.png

You can abort the program by right clicking the program in the Active Recordings and select “Abort Recording”. It would result in partial recording.

Schedule first6.png

Congratulations on your successful installation and first recording!