Windows Media Center with ARGUS TV Client

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With this Client can you hear Radio Streams , view Tv Streams, view Recordings, view ScheduleTasks from ARGUS TV Backend Service or add Manual ScheduleTasks to ARGUS TV Backend Service

Project Information



What you need:

  • Windows MediaCenter
  • Lav DirectShow Filters for Playback
  • ARGUS TV Backend


  • In the Settings View must you set the Server Name where the ARGUS TV Backend runs
  • The ip address and mac address update automaticly for the given Server Name
  • As Transport modes you have two options Tcp and Https. Tcp is faster but it works only for your internal network. Https is a little bit slower and needs your Credentials: UserName and Password
    The Port value updates automaticly if you change the transport mode
  • If you changed the ARGUS TV port then must set here the appropriate as well

Live TV /Live Radio

  • With left / right you change the ChannelGroups
  • With Up / Down you change the Channel
  • The Channel switch after the Now Next Overlay isn't visible
  • Hit backspace to go back