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For each of the channels shown in your TV-guide (in any client), you can add a logo. This makes the TV-guides look a lot nicer.

Note that the logos are not part of the website, but are provided through the ARGUS TV core service to any module that needs logos. Resizing, if needed, is also handled by the core service.

To add the logos, proceed as follows:

  1. You need to provide/locate/find channel logos
  2. The logo files should be named correctly
  3. Place them in the correct location

So where can I get the logos from?

Sorry but that one is left as an exercise for the reader. Some suggestions :

  1. Check if there are any country specific suggestions at ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGCountry List
  2. Google for "channel logos"
  3. Look on the user forums of some of the large client projects such as XBMC, MediaPortal, WMC. There are often posts of country specific sets.
  4. Some channels websites have specific links to their logos
  5. Visit the channels website, find a logo on their screen and typically richt-click>Save-image-as
  6. Some websites exists with collections of hundred of channel's logos such as ICN WEB INLINE.PNG

What format files?

The file format is png

Need to confirm if .jpg work, I think they do?

Where should I put channel logos?

They should be in %AllUsersProfile%\ARGUS TV\Channel Logos\ as PNG files.

Usually this ends up being C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV\Channel Logos\

How should I name the files?

The naming convention is "channel name.png", replacing any special characters like \ / : * ? " < > | from the channel name with an underscore _.

Some examples:

  1. "BBC1" becomes BBC1.png
  2. "Ketnet/Canvas" becomes Ketnet_Canvas.png

Please refer the next section for exceptions.

I have a channel with funny characters in, like a * or a /. How do I name the logos for those channels?

Just replace any non-alphanumeric character with underscore. Example:

  • 5* would become 5_.png
  • Channels with a trailing full stop (.) need to have this removed from the logo file name to them properly, e.g.: G.O.L.D.G.O.L.D.png and not G.O.L.D..png.