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MediaPortal is one of the better known and more widely used Windows applications for HTPC use. It can be configured either as a complete standalone recorder/server/client or simply as networked client accessing a record/media server.

ARGUS TV provides a simple to install plugins for use in either setup. Many HTPC users prefer the comprehensive scheduling features that ARGUS TV Scheduler provides together with the dedicated Windows service/tuner card approach offered by the ARGUS TV Recorder.

MediaPortal Client Setup

ARGUS TV provides plugins to work with either the stable MediaPortal 1.2.3 client release or the latest MediaPortal 1.3.0 Beta release. Once the latest release has been downloaded the install programme will self extract and install an ARGUS TV TV and Radio pugin into MediaPortal. It is important that both the TV and Radio plugins are enabled and configured correctly to ensure that the TV plugin shows up in the MediaPortal menu. This is achived from within the ARGUS TV TV option within the MediaPortal Plugin configuration menu. The default TCP Port setings (49942) work in most scenarios, requiring only the simple addition of a pre-configured named ARGUS TV server (either servername or IP address) to be entered in the ARGUS TV configuration box.

If you wish to disable the radio plug-in, do so through the TV plugin Congig dialog.

MediaPortal TV Server Setup

To set up MediaPortal TV Server is pretty easy.

  1. Set up MediaPortal TV Server as you probably know it (install, scan channels, map channels to cards etc). It can all be done in the MediaPortal TV Server Configuration.
  2. Enable and configure the ARGUS TV Recorder plugin for MediaPortal TV Server (MediaPortal TV Server Configuration → Plugins).
  3. In ARGUS TV set the Recorder/Tuner to MediaPortal TV Server (ARGUS TV Scheduler Console → Recorders).

Tips & Tricks

  • Let ARGUS TV handle XMLTV.
  • DVB-EPG can be passed from MediaPortal TV Server to ARGUS TV by enabling it in the MediaPortal TV Server plugin (see step 2 above).
  • Let ARGUS TV handle wake up from sleep. Don't use MediaPortal's PowerScheduler plugin.
  • Make sure that any cards enabled in ARGUS TV Recorder are disabled in MediaPortal TV Server and vice-versa.
  • MediaPortal can use RTSP or UNC (=SMB) for streaming. UNC is faster with channel switching, but can cause hangs or loops when using it in a ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG MultiSeat Environment due to network latencies (real time data is needed for Live TV).
  • The "Auto option" sets UNC for Live TV and recordings in a ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG SingleSeat installation and UNC for recordings, RTSP for Live TV in a ICN WIKI INLINE.PNG MultiSeat installation. "Auto option" is the most reliable way in MP 1.3 (MP 1.2 contains a RTSP bug).
  • After updating MediaPortal, it's needed to re-install the ARGUS TV plug-in with the ARGUS TV installer.

Repository: MediaPortal Server & Client as Open Source